Bob Hagerty
1544 East 3rd Street
Brooklyn, NY  11230-6307
(718) 376-6048 Office
(917) 673-7192 Mobile
Camera Operator – Studio / Hand-Held

TV Credits:

“Hope and Faith” – (Sitcom) – Touchstone
Television / ABC

“So You Think You Can Dance” – Dance
Nation Productions – FOX

Jimmy Kimmel Live! - ABC

“Cosby Show” (Sitcom) – Carsey-Werner
Productions / NBC

“Sesame Street” (Children) – Children’s
Television Workshop/PBS

“NYPD Blue” (Primetime Drama) – ABC

“Real Sports” (Sports Newsmagazine) – HBO

“NOW - With Bill Moyers” – PBS

“Dateline NBC” – Newsmagazine - NBC

“Arliss” (Sitcom) – HBO

“Wheel of Fortune” (Game Show) – Sony

“Daytime Emmy Awards” – ABC

“Politically Incorrect” (Talk Show) – ABC

“Inside the NFL” (Sports Newsmagazine) –

“Queen Latifah” (Talk Show) – Telepictures

“Ricki Lake” (Talk Show) – Sony Pictures

“Bear in the Big Blue House” (Children) –

“Out of the Box” (Children) – Disney

“The Graham Norton Effect” - Comedy Central

“Madigan Men” (Sitcom) – ABC

“Seinfeld Story” – Retrospective - NBC

“Another World” (Daytime Drama) – NBC

“One Life To Live” (Daytime Drama) –  ABC

“All My Children” (Daytime Drama) – ABC

“Guiding Light” (Daytime Drama) – CBS

“Total Request Live” (Music) – MTV

“Howard Stern” (Radio Talk) – E!

“Ananda Lewis Show” (Talk Show) –

“MTV Video Music Awards” – MTV

“Elmo’s World” (Children) - PBS

“Reborn in the USA” (Music) – Granada TV,

“A Different World” (Sitcom) – Carsey-Werner

“Hispanic Heritage Awards” – Kennedy

“An Evening of Stars” (Live Music Event) –
Louis J. Horvitz Productions

“Airshow” – ESPN

“Swan’s Crossing” (Daytime Drama) – PBS

“Lifetime Live” (Talk Show) – Lifetime

“Maury” (Talk Show) – Syndicated

“Sports Illustrated Swimsuit” – Syndicated

“Nova” (Science Magazine ) – PBS

“Centerstage” (Sports Interview series) –
YES network

“Ghost Writer” (Children’s Drama) – PBS

1999 World Series – FOX

2000 World Series – FOX

“HBO First Look” (Film Set Behind-the-
Scenes) - HBO